Nihilism 3rd bridge pages 108-116

28 01 2014

Have the reading complete – summary and discussion – by Thursday morning for full credit.



Nihilism – Second Bridge comments and summary

21 01 2014

2nd bridge 103-107 due: Tuesday 21st of January

the original post quit accepting comments so use this to finish bridge 2


fyi I made a few comments on the last set

Zero Point – summary and thoughts

14 01 2014

Please summarize and make personal comments about these first two concepts:

1st bridge 97-102 due: Thursday 16th of January

Post for week 11-11 to 11-15

12 11 2013

Find a song – any song. Cut and paste the lyrics into your blog post (remove any bad words by **** them). Explain the song. Try and pin a worldview on the song. Make a few comments! Do you like the song? Why or why not?

Remember, use your number and get the post done by Thursday morning.


6 11 2013

Hey class,

Please add your summary and comments regarding naturalism.

Use your numbers and make it interesting!

Deism pages 47-52

28 10 2013

Read pages 47-52 and summarize.  Add any comments you might have about this worldview.

Remember, use your number and not your name. Due 3rd period Thursday.

FREEDOM – This is due October 24th by 3rd period

21 10 2013

What is freedom?

One time I had a student tell me that “this (the USA) is a free country, so I don’t have to do what you tell me…”

Is he or she right?

These 3 types of law were mentioned in the Ravi Zacharias lecture:

Theonomous – God’s law

Heteronomous – A law (or laws) given from a ruling person or class above the common people.

Autonomous – self law

What about a combination?

Which is the USA?

Which kind of system is your country (don’t mention the country)?

What is the relation between a student and a  parent/teacher/coach, and which law, if any, does it fall under? Why?

How and why should the student respond to a reasonable request or command by an adult? How do you know if it is reasonable?

1 or more paragraphs answering these questions by Thursday morning, 3rd period

Remember: Use your assigned number and email.