Married: 27+ years. 2 sons.

Likes: Computers, mountain bikes, motorcycles, Jeep, mechanics, reading, skiing, playing basketball, Ethiopian and Thai food (the tip of the list, LOL).

Job: Teaching American Literature, English Literature, AP English, Philosophy, ESL English, PE.

Coach: Girls Basketball, Cross Country, assistant coach for Soccer.

Created: In Alaska, born in U.P. Michigan (thanks a lot Good Friday Earthquake!), raised in Alaska, moved to Kentucky 14 years ago, moved to Canyonville Oregon about 1 year ago.

Live: In Tri City Oregon on 1/2 an acre of land. 🙂


One response

23 10 2013

Freedom: freedom is related to liberty which means that is the idea of the right or the ability of the individual to do what he wants by giving the right for the liberties of others. To me she or he might right soon as you understand the meaning of freedom. You have to make choice of one of those Theonomous, Heteronomous, Autonomous or choice one side to follow you can’t be all at the same time either follow Theonomous or other .I think usa is heteronomous because use it`s free country but it doesn`t mean everyone in usa believes or argue to use rule. They are same people which are theonomous and autonomous. those people most of time they were In trouble because they are against the use rules and those people most of time make bad decision like to involve in shouting people all those bad stuff . my country doesn`t mention autonomous because it`s more dangerous to people in society think about it , if everyone make own rule that happen? The relation between student and a parent/teacher/coach form a community and the most community follow heteronomous low it doesn’t `t fall under because everyone has own opinion or he is own judgment to those rules they only time you know it’s reasonable when the student make sense to his or her suggestion

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