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12 05 2014

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14 05 2014

To me post modernism is sort of a belief or a way of thinking with a lot of rebellion of your culture or where you come from. Its a obviously a big mixture of so many different cultures which is why people no longer agree on what right and wrong but instead deviated from what were the moral values since day one. A lot of post modernism is feeling that your invisible which is found mostly young adults because when your young you feel like you can do anything and no one should stop you if it doesn’t affect anyone else. This train of though in my opinion is caused by one part of the world or in this case the western world to be changed by different cultures that are joining or moving into the western countries. I come from a country where our culture is really tied to everything we do but we do have a lot of foreigners but we don’t lose our culture from being influenced by others. We welcome new cultures and different people from all over but we keep our culture in everything we do.

14 05 2014

good thoughts!

14 05 2014

How can we define postmodernism when there is no center of meaning in it? Postmodernists tend to go different directions, but none of them could surely argue what is right or wrong. However, they acknowledged that matter is eternal, and God does not exist. Postmodernism refered to architecture originally. It broke away from old styles of shapes and forms. Then it became a cultural term, which made it difficult to be defined philosophically. Hence, seven basic worldviews do not apply to postmodernism.The first question to be asked is how language functions to construct meanings. There are two shifts: premodern to modern; modern to postmodernism. According to the author, the way he set the order of seven questions is postmodern, since others may have different opinions on the order. The shift from being to knowing came with Descartes’s unique thinking. He thought doubt itself could not be questioned. So he concluded “I think, therefore I am.” It is very important in modern thinking as it provides free thinking based on one’s own reason. In conclusion, I think everyone is postmodern despite of religion, because everyone has their own belief system and way of thinking. Also, no one can prove whether one religion is better than any other.

14 05 2014

This chapter of the book starts of by giving us the famous parable of Friedrich Nietzsche “the madman”, which shows how he had predicted that we will end up by killing God our he said “a culture cannot lose its philosophic center without the most serious of consequences”. Many call it postmodernism and it is a worldview which I think includes the people that try to mix the idea of believing in God but also being free to do what this generation says its the right think, so they twist around what Christians or any other religion believe and make it work as they want. The book then gives the answers to the 8 worldview questions which generally shows that everything can be as you describe it, which means that you can change everything and make it the way you think about it.

14 05 2014

I think a philosophical direction which is critical of the foundational assumptions and universalizing tendency of Western philosophy .With scientism and humanism in modern western philosophy two big trend;Scientific socialism ideological trend of the analytical philosophy, humanism ideological trend of existentialism.this have no right or wrong, people can do anything they want to do. Everyone don’t back to being changed, also can’t change anyone. It belongs to yourself, it is people’s own thinking.It no longer the ancient way of things nor the modern way of ideas, but the way of signs. postmodern In innovation while maintaining the original opinion.

14 05 2014

The post modernism is not organized to me, there are many different groups of people for them when God dies both the substance and the value of everything else dies too, which to other people that are not in post modernism makes totally no sense, they think that the death of God is the beginning of their world. It changes every time from the western part,especially the teenagers who feel invincible. Its growing everyday and spreading these days.

14 05 2014

After read the chapter i think to say that we can know something true does not mean we must know exhaustively what is true. Knowledge is subject to refinement, but if it is true knowledge, there must have been at least a grain of truth in one’s unrefined conception and so here is the Nietzche states: we can tell the smaller stories narratives or we can tell the larger stories narratives and we can cling to what we think is the truthfulness of these stories but they are all just wishful thinking.And in the chapter was tell me the only kind of truth is pragmatic truth, which means the truths “that works for you”

14 05 2014

Postmodern both begins and ends with the acknowledgment of the death of God.

The problem of definition
People from different culture have different understanding of postmodernism. At first, postmodernism is used in architecture. Then it is used to symbolize a shift in the culture legitimating.
Lyotard defined the postmodern as a composite of all western culture. It has influence religious understanding of western. It believes that there’s no god, and matter is eternal.

A worldview question about worldview question
There are 2 major shifts. Premodern- modern and modern-postmodern. In the old ages, all the philosophers view “first thing” from being to knowing. After the modern ages, people began to put knowing before being. This shift is legenary. So they think the core of life is matter and mind. God doesn’t exist.

15 05 2014

post modernism is a philosophy that says absolute truth does not modernism belief that all viewpoint are equal valid. obliviously the idea of post modernism are influencing by many difference culture which read them to the darkness of agree the difference between that wrong and light instead of figure out where the moral issues are. In today’s society, postmodernism has ideas that all truth is relative. That means what is right for one group is not necessarily right or true for everyone for example Christianity teaches that sex outside marriage is absolutely wrong. the Postmodernism would claim that such a view belong to Christians but not to those who don’t follow Jesus Chris they keep do or take culture on their own way

15 05 2014

The acknowledgment of the death of God is the beginning of postmodern wisdom. It’s also the end of postmodern wisdom. The postmodernism accepts the foundation that matter exists eternally and God does not exist.
The first thing that postmodern focus on is being to knowing. The essence of the modern is the autonomy of human reason. Not the order of 8 questions in many last worldviews which is premodern in general and theistic in particular. According to Descartes, he wants to be completely certain that what he thought he knew was actually true. It’s means being to knowing is very important that he came up with and argument about God is very necessary and the reality include matter and mind.

15 05 2014

In summary of pages two hundred and fourteen to two hundred and twenty it talks about Post Modernism. Firstly it defines what it means, despite being called Post Modernism, it is not based on things in the past. It is a fairly new and upcoming worldview. The Post Modernistic worldview has no central core, and has no credibility because it claims that each and every point of view is valid which cannot be. Therefore the first world view question has more than one ” answer “.

15 05 2014

Pages 214-220 talk about how the Post Modern worldview consider every person to be correct and with that the first worldview question has multiple answers as the Muslim would be correct like the Christian would be correct even though they have very different aspects in their religion as well as science would be correct. There is no core in Post Modernism which is what gives it the ability to claim any which worldview is true. Post Modernism is a new worldview and has not been around for very long.

And for the blog I missed:
In summary pages 267 – 277 talk about how a Muslim would know between right and wrong based off of the teachings of the Qur’an but is supported by the Hadith and made clear by the law of shari’a. Through human history it it taught the power if Allah and how one should submit to him after clear evidence of his greatness and power. Therefore after realizing Allah’s strength one should be grateful to him for providing such an opportunity to serve him and to earn a way into paradise. Through humbleness of being blessed with Allah one should be very thankful for everything and with that worship Allah. There are many misinterpretations of people who believe in Islamic Theism such as there goal is to worship Allah for their person goals instead it is to have the presence of Allah’s love in their lives. Furthermore even though a large population of Muslims are living in the Middle East they are not all from there or live there. People also hold the Islamic faith in Southeast Asia and South Asia. In order to fully understand a religion it is good to see all sides of it before making assumptions.

15 05 2014

Postmodernism is used by so many people to focus on so many different facets of cultural and intellectual life that it’s meaning is often fuzzy,”as the term defending worldview without a center could have center”in short postmodernism has influenced religious understanding,including that characteristic of Christian theism,but it accepts the foundation at the heart of naturalism. In Order to understand postmodernism, therefore, we will have to ask and answer not simply the seven worldview questions posed in chapter one but a questions about the questions themselves. In Order to make it clear, in this postmodernism is view of people of today, where people are being introduced to this culture.

15 05 2014

Postmodernism is used by a lot of people to focus on different perspectives of cultural and intellectual life. The meaning is not exact. The term postmodernism is not only used in philosophy but also in architecture. They started using it when people changed from basic building to building building with fancier materials.
Postmodernism involves a lot of cultural analysis and became a key word in it.
From postmodernistic point of view all the story are equally true.
For postmodernist matter is eternal and God doesnt exist. The understanding of being shifter over to knowing. Later on it shift from knowing to meaning.

16 05 2014

Postmodernism is the knowing and awareness of the death of God. It is hard to define postmodernism in just one single statement, as it’s a very complex idea. Even some of the most intellectual scholars who have studied postmodernism for 30 years can not yet define postmodernism. Postmodernism is the ever expanding idea that western culture is not just based on a single story. It is a jumble of various religions that do not have more validation than the other. All of the worldviews contain credibility according to postmodernism. A sense of morality and ethics also do not exist in this particular worldview as each different viewpoint of what is right or wrong are all equally valid. It’s difficult to categorize and answer every one of the worldview questions with a postmodernism viewpoint because the postmodernist does not put being before knowing.

16 05 2014

Without philosophy there would be horrible consequences such as a culture, and even the notion of who a person is. When god is dead, everything else is dead too. When god is dead it’s the beginning of post modern wisdom but also the end. With postmodernism in play, a near future of cultural anarchy is inevitable. The definition of postmodernism is tricky, because how does one define the undefinable? Ihab Hassan says that he’s more unsure of postmodernism now then thirty years ago. Jean-Francois Lyotard defines post modernism as “incredulity toward metanarratives”. Postmodernism has influenced a better understanding of Christian theism, but at it’s root is the base of Naturalism saying that matter is eternal, but god does not exist. Postmodernism is all about how language functions to construct meaning. Knowing before meaning became the focus of postmodernism.

16 05 2014

Postmodernism is used by many people to focus different view of cultural. Postmodernism influenced religion such as Christian theism to help understand religious. First major exponent was friedrich Nietzsche in the late nineteenth century. In postmodernism there are two major shift. First is move from the “premodern” to the “modern” and second is move from “modern” to the “postmodern” which is from being to knowing to constructing meaning in other word being is metaphysics and knowing is epistemology.

16 05 2014

Postmodernism is hard to get a definition . This worldview came in the 20th century, the meaning is often fuzzy. It is a signal in cultural legitimation, the term became a key word in cultural analysis. There are different worldview and they are arranged different. After descartes that “i think therefore i am”. They say there is no truth, frederich nietzche contradicts himself saying there is nothing wrong or right that there is no truth there he immetiately creates a truth himself. Nietzche rejected descartes idea of the meaning of existence by saying what if it is the thinking that creates the i rather than the i that creates thinking, which is i exist therefore i am.

16 05 2014

There is no longer a single story that holds Western culture together. Postmodernism denies Naturalism and states that whatever you believe is right therefore we most not judge or correct others. Postmodernism says that none can have any more credibility than any other. Postmodernism tries to define a worldview without a center. Matter exists eternally; God does not exist. This philosophy has major flaws that contradicts itself. Postmodernism rejects all stories but since postmodernism is a “story” it contradicts its own belief system. I personally think that postmodernism emerged from individuals who couldn’t decide on a philosophy. Because they weren’t able to decide which one they were going to believe they simply stated “Everyone’s right so I am not going to care”. And it became a religion

20 05 2014

The acknowledge of the death of God is the beginning of postmodern wisdom. It is also the end of postmodern wisdom. For, in the final analysis, postmodernism is not “post” anything. The horizon defining the limits of our world has been wiped away. The center holding us in place has vanished. The term postmodernism is usually thought to have arisen first in reference to architecture, as architects moved away from unadorned, impersonal boxes of concrete, glass and steel to complex shapes and forms. The way to understand these shifts is to reflect on our reflecting. For us that means to identify the preconceptions on which this book’s analysis so far has been based. The notion of the autonomy of human reason liberated the human mind from the authority of the ancients. Scientific and technical progress came not from notions revealed in Scripture but from the assumption that human reason could indeed find its way toward the truth.

21 05 2014

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