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21 04 2014

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23 04 2014

Human being are prone to give in to temptations and to fall into unbelief. Nothing left for us to do than to try our best to follow all of God’s commandments that’s why we should accept whatever he sends to our way “without” asking why. Base obligation the 5 pillars: to recite the confession, to pay 5 times a day, to fast the during the month of Ramadan, to give the annual contribution for the poor and make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Three categories: those that are commanded, those that are permitted, those that are prohibited.Next, many religions anticipate a time in which their beliefs and practices will be observed universally around the globe. Islam demands of the person nothing less than everything.In many areas of the world, folk Islam goes beyond the description of Islam as addressing felt needs with superstitious practices.

23 04 2014

Muslim support for democracy, diversity, and human rights.In Islam’s view, is someone insult Islam, it is because they are not very understanding of the islam, muslims have to do only pray Allah Muslim enlighten their mind, and set a good example of propaganda, but don’t abuse each other>Muslims from personal peace, society peace, get along in a peaceful atmosphere to the world, as close to god.In many areas of the world,folk Islam goes beyond the description of Islam as addressing felt needs with superstitious practices.
For anyone attempting to learn about the Islamic world and how to encounter muslims in a real-life setting. Therefore,it is good to know about Islam,but it is a different worldview.This let me know more about the different philosophy.

23 04 2014

Muslims believe that Allah has allowed humans have senses and think. Through humans’ knowledge, humans can know God’s revelation but at the same time, our knowledge is limited due to Allah’s sovereign decree. The way for an Islamic person to know things about God is through Islamic prophets’ teachings. The highest prophet is Muhammad; thus, Islamic people value his every single word he said and live based upon his teachings.
Islamic people are required to obey the shari’a law (which is based from the teachings of the Qur’an). Islamic people’s only goal is to try to follow Allah’s commandment no matter what. They are not to speculate Allah’s divine order and simply accept whatever he send out way. Anything that happens in their life, they consider it as Allah’s will. Islamic people’s goal of history is to subsume the entire world under the umma, the Islamic community, through the establishment of Islamic governments all around the world.
Muslims refer to the teachings of the Qur’an as “good news.” A devout Muslim will frequently express their gratitude that Allah has provided the chance to enter “heaven”. As a result, it is their goal to try not to “offend” Allah by screwing up and hopefully get into heaven.
For me, this doesn’t make sense. Muslims state that God gave them the ability to reason and think; however, they are to follow God’s commandment without questioning it. Also, I believe that if one is honest to himself, that person will acknowledge that himself/herself is full of sin. No matter what position you are in the Muslim community, everyone has sinned and is constantly sinning on a daily basis. Therefore, how is it possible to enter into Allah’s heaven where everything is divine simply through obeying him?

23 04 2014

The source of knowledge about what is right or what is wrong, as already indicated, is the Qur’an. In case there should be some ambiguity concerning how a particular commandment should be interpreted, one can consult the hadiths. Human history is the world’s longest final exam, and the test starts right along with the lectures. The significance of this statement can be clarified by drawing another point of contrast. Many relions anticipate a time in which their beliefs and practices will be observed universally around the globe. Islam demands of the person nothing less than everything. The standards for a truly acceptable life are high and become extremely detailed the more one seeks to implement them according to the Hadith. The true Muslim must assert that God is all caring,all forgiving and all merciful, but he may not draw the implication that therefore God will definitely grant him access to paradise.

24 04 2014

Worldview question6
We need to follow God and make God happy. Muslim need to keep the rules and obligation, which began with 5 pillars.
Worldview question7
Human history gives people chance to demonstrate their submission to God.
For Islam, Umma is an independent new nation, with people follow their own laws and rituals. Muslims have different opinions on how history ends.
Worldview question8
Muslim feels lucky to get the chance serve Allah, and would follow his instructions in every part of life.
Muslims has rules almost on everything, food, clothing, even the on how to perform commoni actions and pray. To muslims, God is all-caring, all-forgiving and all-merciful. So, to Muslims, they’re sure to go to heaven.
Folk Islam
The standard version Islam and folk version Islam are quite different. People are not simply worship Allah anymore, they want to get the power and blessing from Allah.

24 04 2014

According to Islam, Muhammad is the only necessary prophet. Allah is the only God who gives human being knowledge. People who do not submit to Allah will receive consequences. God will not help them since they don’t believe in God’s revelation. Also, following the Qur’an is definitely considered right and good. Anything offends Qur’an is considered wrong. What we should do is to follow Qur’an and God’s words. We cannot even think or question Qur’an. Muslims are very strict towards Qur’an that they have five basic obligations to do everyday. Human history, according to Islam, is a procedure on how to demonstrate our submission to God. There is no final ends until the whole world is under Islamic domination. The core commitment is basically all about Allah and Qur’an. The ides is to submit and devout all yourself to Allah without asking why. I think it is terrible because there is no other meanings in the life. However, there is a small branch that diverges from the standard Islam, which is recognized as folk Islam. Although they will do the same obligations, they have a more optimistic view of life. God is not their only salvation. They want to get blessings from other saints. I respect this religion but I cannot totally understand it. Having the ability to doubt is human’s instinct. But Islam deprives this privilege from human. Second, we won’t try to make us life better because all we think is about God. God has chosen our lives, so we won’t even strive hard to achieve our goals.

24 04 2014

God always love us and make peace with us because of Christ’s death on the cross. Even though we already were enemies of God. Qur’an teach us about the differences between right and wrong. It was interpreted by the schools of law, which is the shari’a.
History of human play an important role in demonstrating the sovereignty of God. It also as the opportunity for people to demonstrate their submission to God.
A devout Muslim is thankful to Allah for providing the opportunity to serve him and follow the divine instructions in even the smallest part of their life.
Life is to large and complicated for individual humans to manage by themselves, and people always look for solutions that will provide immediate aid when the crops fail, the relationships are out of kilter, a family member is ill or other problems invade their lives. So called folk Islam attempts to give such aid.

24 04 2014

For the fifth question, it meanly points out that if our will is disinclined to believe God’s revelation, we can expect little help from God. Also, as a matter of fact, the Qur’an promises occasions &’n which God will intentionally provide opportunities for believers to demonstrate that they accept his plans as final. For the sixth question, it tells that is everything is riding on one’s actions, we should let the grace fill everyone’s heart. For the seventh question, it tells that human history is the world’s longest final exam, and the tests starts right along with the lecture. For a part of eighth question, we find that Muslim is kind the same as other religions. Anyway, Muslims in the United States are not particularly inclined toward folk Islam.

24 04 2014

When it comes to human beings are been driven in to temptation that same obstacle. Even thought they are the one that cause it. All of that should change with coming of muhanmad. Where his being considered to be the “seal of prophets” and what separates him in Islamic eye is the belief that his message. In short, those who do not believe are attacked to their unbelief and would not believe if they could. Now we can see more directly how Qadr, god’s predestination, affects human beings. Although human being have choice whether to obey Allah or not, the choice is not open ended. Once people have fallen in to second category,god will not refuse to aid them, he will use his power to make sure that they remain included in their unbelief.

24 04 2014

In Islamic they have Islamic law called Shari’ a which is the law for Islamic.
Their right or wrong are based on the Qur’an whatever Qur’an teaches them they have to learn and follow whatever Qur’an gives what’s right and wrong.
There are three important categories of actions: one is (fard) those that are directly commanded, two is (halal) those that are permitted, and last but not least (haram) those that are prohibited.
their history tells demonstrating the absolute sovereignty of God, but even more it demonstrate their submission to him.
There is Folk Islam and they are not a somewhat revised version of Islam.
They adapts itself to surrounding non-Muslim cultures and frequently becomes downright.

24 04 2014

islam believe that death is a time of transition between eternal life which paradise or hell which make sense tome because if you did what call good job in your life or bad job i believe is time to get judge by someone who has beyond power than people on this my opinion now is to do your best in good stuff if you really want to join enjoyable future and give that you have to GOD by following his ten commandment. we are capable for knowing GOD who is using knowledge and reason, miracle and the sense through to his son who introduced him on earth. base obligation of islam which called 5 pillars 1.recite confession there is no GOD but allah
2.pray 5 time day during the month romodon
4.give an annual contribution for the poor
5.make pilgrimage to meca

24 04 2014

Islamic belief states that Allah is and will always be the superior being. Muhammad is considered to be Allah’s “seal of prophets”, meaning he is the one who brings the message of Allah to the people. He will therefore remain the only prophet in Islam. Those who do not believe Muhammad to be the only prophet will never come to understanding, as stated in the Qur’an. The Qur’an reveals that Allah will give his believers experiences where they will have the opportunity to prove their faith to him. Morality is based simply as what is specified in the teachings of the Qur’an. In Islam, there is no point in questioning why God allows different occurrences to take place. We must purely accept it as His will and try our best to follow it. The only significance of the past occurrences is that we will have a better understanding of who Allah is and also the absolute sovereignty that he possesses. This will also show the believers how to submit to his almighty power. A devoted believer of Islam will spend his or her life understanding and following the will of Allah. The believer is forever thankful for being able to be a follower of God and should not question the path Allah chooses for them.

24 04 2014

Ive gotten to learn about Islam. Its not terrible like how alot of the people make it sound. The main teachings of Islam may not be that great but most muslim ive met and gotten to know are somewhat different from what everyone thinks. On good thing i learnt is that not all muslims are the same. Some have better moral values than others. Infact theres more good muslims than bad. Ive learned that not all muslim are violent and believe in the same exact ideas. For the most part Islam teaches good morals, but there might be some rules that are not good in todays society because they oppress some people.

24 04 2014

People believe that human have to be peace with god, make god feel happy, let god feel good about human being, and the whold system was called Shari‘a, the law, the rules of Islam. It says that only people obey the god, Allah, and make him feel happy, then the man can go to the”heaven”, which means nothing, or they will go to the hell and get punished. The Islam is making everyone to believe Allah or they will just say that man was agaist god who is not a good man to go to “heaven”.

24 04 2014

Due to the evil tendencies of humans, the word from the last prophets never went through completely. Until Muhammad came, he is known as the “seal of the prophets”. The difference between Muhammad and other prophets is that his message was preserved from error or human interference. To the Muslims, there is no reason not to accept the Qur’an because it authenticates itself. People who don’t believe the Qur’an, have only themselves to blame. Allah has two groups: believers and enemies. When you’re an enemy he will do everything in his power to make sure they don’t believe in Islam. Right and wrong depend on the teachings of the Qur’an, amplified by the Hadith and interpreted by Shari’a law. Humans must do their best to please Allah, and accept what Allah does billa kayf. The Muslim has five obligations: pray five times a day, give to the poor every year, fast during Ramadan, make a pilgrimage to Mecca, and recite the confession (Allah is the only god). Human history has significance in demonstrating the absolute sovereignity of God, as an opporntunity for people to demonstrate their submission to him. The goal of history is to take over the world under the umma, Islamic control. Muslims believe that shortly before judgement the Mahdi will appear, and there are many discussions as to who the mahdi is. A devout Muslim is committed to serving Allah and will strive to please him and follow his instructions. Islam demands everything of one’s life. Folk Islam is how common people live by Islamic values everyday.Their core commitment is not to serve Alllah but find the joys and blessings that is inside Islam.

24 04 2014

Human beings are easily to fall. It have been carved in every story in the bible and the Qur’an like the Noah’s story. People resisted noah for everyday he built the huge ship, which would be the only escape from the flood . Also, the Qu’ran mentions muhhamad as the ” seal of the prophets”. In islamic, the morallity is based on the schools of law, the shari’a. The shari’a is very strict but also very unfair for certain people like woman. Human history is the evidence of people finding God. Muslims believe that the judment day will come and muhhamad will come back. Islam commitment to find god and live the way of Muhammad.

27 04 2014

Pretty much life of a muslim is all about pleasing God and making sure he doesn’t upset him. To do so muslim have 5 pillars. Talking about history, muslims have a different point of view about it too. They have a different understanding how it is going to end. No matter all those difficulties that they can face in their religion they take the opportunity to serve Allah is a privilege that they don’t want to loose. Life of a muslim is all about God. They have rules about everything just so that God won’t be upset. They trust him in everything and if bad or good happens its just the will of Allah and let it be so.

28 04 2014

Muslims follow the Shari’a law, they all have to follow to be and act as a Muslim. They know what is supposed to be wrong and right by looking in the Qur’an they follow it word to word. The Shari’a is strict especially to women who are restricted to do a lot of things, like drive or other types of things that men can only do.
In the Islam religion there is three types of people:
There is the first one that is called fard, those are directly commanded, the second one is halal these ones are permitted and there are the last ones called haram that are prohibited.

30 04 2014

This part of the book starts by trying to explain that the qur’an is authentic and it comes straight from allah, which means that there is no excuse at all to even try to question it as it say that “the message has been delivered and they should be no excuse not to accept it” they continue with their worldview questions, which have answers like right and wrong are all based on the teachings of the Qur’an which is interpreted by sharia law, also that human history is very important to know the real sovereignty of Allah and that every person should be greateful for the opportunity of serving Allah.

30 04 2014

The source of knowledge about what is right or wrong, as already indicated ,is the Quran. In case there should be some ambiguity concerning how a particular commandment should be inter orated, one can consult the hadiths,
which are several collections by muhammad, as allegedly remembered by those who knew him well.Human history is hew worlds longest final exam, and the test starts right along with the lecture. On a less ultimate level, the goal of history is to subsume the entire world under the umma, the islamic community , which is as much a political entity as a congregation of believers.Islam demands of the person nothing less than everything. The standards got a truly acceptable life are high and became extremely detailed the more one seeks to implement them according to the hadith.

1 05 2014

Muslims believe that muhammad is the prophet after Ibrahim and one who doesnt believe in him is not a devout muslim, that the Qur’an is the only right book that symbolises Allah. They also believe that there are two groups which are Allah’s enemies and those who are believers, and he can never help the enemies he’ll make sure they stay in their unbelief. Worldview question 6 talks about right and wrong being known by reading the qur’an as amplified by the hadith and school of laws, the sharia law is the law on top. Worldview question 7 talks about human history has significance in demonstrating the absolute sovereignty of God to their submission to him. Worldview question 8 talks about the core commitment and the devout muslim that they are grateful to Allah for providing the opportunity to serve him.

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