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15 04 2014

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16 04 2014

Pages two-hundred and fifty seven to two-hundred and sixty-seven summarize to explain how in Islamic Theism humans are the highest of God’s creations and therefore they are given abilities that God’s other creations do not have. Therefore this means that humans are also expected to have more responsibility than others. Humans are to follow exactly as the Qur’an states and as Allah instructs because Allah was chosen by God to know more than even the angels knew and Allah will lead them to the path of righteousness. And like in all religions there is a devil, whom is Shaytan in Islamic Theism. If humans to not listen to Allah and follow Muhammad’s teaching as being the second highest beings the end destination will be hell. Life is a test that must be passed to find enteral gloriousness. In dying everyone will be called unto the divine tribunal which will determine whether someone goes to hell or not and every little thing they have ever done is recorded and shall be used as judgment. The heaven is described as a place of delight and beautiful. Fresh water, lovely green plants, and wonderful, gorgeous men serving drinks and food. In addition pretty virgins. I found it interesting how in the sura it did not give a name to Adam’s wife and how the heaven is designed especially towards men’s ideal heaven and sexual desires while the religion itself does not exclude women from joining certainly the end goal is not too appealing for majority of women or at least in my opinion. But it does state that PRESUMABLY there will be something for the women to whatever fulfills their sexual bliss. Honestly though, I never imagined heaven as a kind of big orgy party which is what it sounds like to me in the Islamic religion. I am curious to learn more or hopefully be corrected if I am interpreting this wrong.

17 04 2014

I think you have it right… Is this a man invented religion? You be the judge…

16 04 2014

In Islam Human beings are tower or a turret.
They think human beings are given with abilities that other creatures cant or doenst have and do.
Islams think or believe that death is time where you choose either side paradise or hell. They think they’ve been given the rank as the second-highest being in the universe
They’ve been born in the state of purity and even they think they have advantages. Because Allah has awarded them with the knowledge means of reason and the senses.
They think they can also know God’s revelation although God’s soverign decrease limit of human knowledge.

16 04 2014

In summary of pages 257 – 263 it talks of humans being the second highest creation and because of that God favors and places more responsibility upon us. With more responsibility it means that humans have to follow Allah’s rule and Muhammad’s doctrine in order to make it into heaven. If humans fail the test of life then when we die we will go to hell. Hell is a place of extreme heat, poison and unpleasantness. While heaven would be a nirvana of plentiful food drink and beautiful men and women. When we die we will be placed before a divine tribunal whom will basis their judgement on belief, attitude, and everything done while you were alive and afterwards is when they will decide if you have made it into heaven or not by if you have lived by Allah and Muhammad.

16 04 2014

Islam that “nature” has four levels of definition of people is a “natural” molecules, and god is beyond all this supreme being, that is Islam about Allah, the basic framework of relationship between man and nature.People must obey god’s arrangement, restricted by nature, but people itself is active.The central idea of Islam is to lead the human right, Islam want people to improve the ecological condition, save ourselves,the Islam the most importance was human labor and practice.Islamic think that death is just a stage of transition from life to later generations. This is a very important basic islamic a faith everyone has resurrected.If someone is faith and correctly and to do good, the man will heaven; but if someone does not believe god will be the hell.Islam teach people to meet any hardship, are convinced that can be overcome, because life is god give you, we should treasure short life.

16 04 2014

This part of the book elaborates also on the spreading of the Islam religion, it explains how the religion spread for the last 30 years in North America and Europe. Personally I don’t really understand why North America and Europe had slightly ignored Islam for all these past 30 years. The book then tries to give the difference between Islam and Christianity and how the Christians viewed it. the major difference they give is that they don’t believe that God is a trinity they just believe that God is one and almighty above everything, that he is so above everything that you don’t even need to try to question or doubt about him God or his prophet Muhammad. the book then gives us the answers to their 8 worldview questions, like how they believe that after death it is either heaven or hell, and that Allah has given us the knowledge to even know his wisdom.

17 04 2014

On this page 257, it describes how we can’t stress on Allah’s transcendence. Talks about how he shouldn’t be associated with any finite being In the world. On other hand it is also clear that god not only sees every detail of the world,he also does not permit anything to happen outside of his specific plan. Basically from what I know it’s trying to tell how his transcendence beyond us, where there is nothing like Him, and it is impossible to imagine or conceive Him. It goes on talks about Allah’s mysterious how he knew everything the angels being ingorant. God perssnonally taught Adam how to identify the many creatures on earth. He then called for meeting in which he challenge the angels to give proper labels to varous items in creation, but he failed miserably at this task.While the majority of humanity believes that he has no relation with other things, the Islamic definition of God is precise and unique, and not subject to personal revisions. In other words, Allah is as He is, and our belief in His reality benefits no one but ourselves.

17 04 2014

According to Islam, humans beings are the center of gods creation. People can do things that other creations can’t and are deemed special. When god created adam, all the beings before him questioned god and his wisdom. Gods response to this question says that the angels were ignorant. After some time the creatures regretted saying this to Allah because he was right. Allah then made the angels bow down to adam. Saytan the Islam satan became satan because he could not accept that humans have superiority over him. Even when mankind made the mistake, Allah gave him instructions which he followed and became respected by Allah once again. Muslim beliefs conclude that all are born innocent and pure and that means any newborn is a Muslim. Once death occurs, the man either goes to heaven or hell. Death is a transition state. At death, one must proclaim that Allah is the only god and Muhammad is prophet. If the dying one can’t recite those words then a group at the funeral will recite the words instead. Finally, the person must be buried facing Mecca. Once the person dies, the will face judgement with god. Once god makes his decision, an angel will come and hand him the book of deeds in a specific hand. Right means heaven, left means hell. Allah allows humans to know knowledge through reasons and senses. Human reason is good enough to tell truth from lies. Divine revelation helps with our reasoning ability. If one needs guidance, read the qur’an.

17 04 2014

Muslims believes that they are above everyone else they believe that they are higher than angels and have a better relationship with God, but the important they have leads to try and follow God. Just like Christians they believe that after this life there is hell and heaven. Muslims puts God up there were people can’t just have a close or personal relationship with God they praise him with respect there is no being intimate with God.

17 04 2014

Human beings are the highest creations, superior to other creations in this world. Thus, human beings have the responsibility to live in a state that is approaching to God’s standard. After Adam was allured to eat the fruit by the devil, he received instructions from Allah instead. Although humans are born in pure state as a Muslim, they still need to submit to God and work hard to achieve God’ standard. Humans will face judgements after death. Physical body will be buried and the soul will remain peaceful until judgement. Each person will have a book lists all the good and evil he/she did in lifetime. Right hand means heaven and left hand means hell. Allah granted humans capability to know something. Human has the intelligence to get information as to live up to Allah’s standard.

17 04 2014

Islamic belief goes so far to say that Allah is transcendent meaning he is above or beyond human life. He can never be in a human form, completely unlike what the Christians believe. Muslims believe that Allah has a set out plan for each and every one of his believers, and that this plan is not to be toiled with or strayed from. While the theist God allows a range of creativity for his believers, Allah says that the Islamic believe can only express his creativity as far as He permits. Worldview question #3 of Islam states that “Human beings are the pinnacle of Gods creation” pg 257. Islam is not a religion that tries to make any less of the human being form, but wants to stress their distinct capabilities. The story on how God created humans is closely similar to the theistic story. The Qur’an states that we humans are born into a being of purity. We obviously will not always remain in this state, but it is our duty to live up to it. Being given the second-highest being in the universe, we must take on the job to serve Allah and spread the message of Islam to all non-believers. Worldview question #4 started that once an Islamic believer is dead he will have to answer the questions of two angels, Munkar and Nakir. This means that it is encouraged for a dying person to confess before he actually passes away, so he can answer the questions correctly. Funeral attenders must then wash the deceased, which will follow a state of purity. He is then buried, facing Mecca. Although this process is detailed and unique, there is no affirmation of what actually happens after death. No Muslim is promised with certainty a place in Heaven. After the series of questions have been answered by the deceased person, the angel will place a book of deeds in one hand. If it is placed in the right hand, he is free to enter paradise.

17 04 2014

Worldview question3:
Humans are God’s best creatures. We’re special, better than all other living creatures. God’s preference to us makes us wonderful. Allah was there for us, even we had the original sin. We can’t remain pure. Our privilege give us the responsibility that other creatures doesn’t have. We are the highest level creatures in universe except for God. We should.follow Allah and obey his rules. Otherwise, we’ll be in hell.

Worldview question4:
After we dead, we wont get another life. We will forever live in heaven or hell.
People has different opinions about how would soul be after we dead. Mostly, they think we would face the judgement. What we did would be the baise of judgement. Good people may go to paradise. But we dont know if we are good enough. Hell is the worse place ever, like no water in desert. Oppositely, heaven is the oasis with fresh water.

Worldview question 5:
God gives us knowledge to know him and our relationship with him. But we are not all knowing for god’s sovereign decrees.

17 04 2014

One thing that i would like to see gone is how alot of americans treat muslims. It seems like if you say you’re muslim you threatening americans or their government because of what had happened in the past. I think if the governement is to start making security tight and searching people and their belongings they should do it to to fair level, meaning that if they are carrying out a heavy search they should do it with everyone. But for the most part i know where they are coming from. All in all Islam is not what the Talibans or other terrorist potray it to be.

17 04 2014

I don’t see a complete summary here…

17 04 2014

To continue with the topic of Basic Islamic Theism, let’s start with the third question. We have been given the rank as the second-highest being in the universe, we have been born in the state of purity, we may even have the advantage of living in a culture where Islam is taught and practiced. It means if we do not pass the test, then our destination will be hell. For the fourth question, there is no intent of excluding women. Presumably women will receive whatever would be the counterpart of bliss for their sex. So that one should not infer that woman will not be eligible for heaven.

17 04 2014

Page 257 to 263 talk about worldview question 2 to 5 included islam views of external reality, human being, life after death, and knowledge. Based on my understanding, god aka alahh created ex nihilo ( universe out of nothing) and all the creature inside it. Everything happens by his divine decrees which means if whatever you do is allah’s ideas example if a guy robs a bank and kills several people without any doubt it is allah’s idea. Also like christianity , god created human out of favor of which even angels and jin don’t have so islam haves to live up to god’s standard which is very high. After death is basiccaly like christianity, either you go to hell or heaven.

17 04 2014

Human beings are the top creation from God. They also brings with the responsibility to live up to God’s standards. The devil is a fallen spiritual being who do not obey God. Death is not the end, it’s just a time to transfer this life to our eternal state. It also include paradise and hell. If we do many rights thing before we die, we will have more chances of entering paradise. It concern a person’s physical. Another one concern the soul is between death and resurrection there will be a period of spiritual purgation in which postmortem suffering will purify the soul so as to become fit for heaven. God, Allah give human beings the capability of knowledge that we know the definition of means and our senses. Thus, they can know God’s revelation. But it also limit human knowledge.

17 04 2014

Muslim was illiterate but it was assured by a brief that if God could make people out of blood, then he would also give him these abilities., Death is a time of transition betwween this life and our eternal sate, which will consist of either paradise or hell and all the human being will be called to stand before the divine tribunal, and all of their beliefs and attitudes as well as the record of every last little action that they have performed during their life time will become the basis for judgment. Lastly, God had created human being in such a way that their reasoning skills re truth worthy.

17 04 2014

From the view of Islam, they believe that human are created by the God Allah, and they believe that human are the best, the samrtest which no one can get over, and they believe human can only live for once, then they will not go to the next life. They also prove that Allah is the only god, the only one who teach people, if human who are against Islam, then he is the one who against Allah.

18 04 2014

According to the Qur’an, when God set out to create Adam, he called a general meeting of all of the spiritual beings he had created heretofore and announced what he was about to do. Allah’s mysterious reply that he knew something of which the angels were ignorant would soon take on concrete meaning. Allah commanded all of the angels to bow down before Adam. Even while Adam was out of favor with God, he received instructions from Allah, and upon proper penitence, God restore him to fellowship. Regardless of these speculations, there is no question of what will happen when the resurrection takes place. All human beings will be called to stand before the divine tribunal. Human reason is sufficient to discern truth from falsehood. We are capable of a rational approach to the world around us, and we not need abdicate our rationality when it comes to matters of religion.

18 04 2014

Humans got and ability from God that even angels are not capable of. But also it requires some responsibilities. Apparently when God created Adam he called a meeting with all the spiritual beings. Angels didn’t want to follow anyone but God since they were loyal to him all the time. Later Satan appeared. He lead a rebellion against God.
Islam is created so that each human is testing throughout his whole life.
For Muslims death is a temporary thing which includes the transition from earth to either heaven or hell.

20 04 2014

Islam has always had these two groups which were Mu’tazilites and Ash’arites and the second group was dominant over the first group listed above and the discussion is all about who is right or wrong. Here Sire talks about the interpration of the quadr which is accepting the harsh and strict rules,the quadr also says that the will of God is inexhaustible and inclusive that anything that takes place has a reason and it is caused by God. The worldview question 3 says that pinnacle of God’s creation, that humans were created higher level than angels and jinn and they do things that they cant do to live up to God’s standards. And the worldview question 4 says that death is a time of transation between this life and our eternal state which will consist of either paradise or hell. And they also believe in going to hell or heaven. Finally the last worldview question is Allah has endowed human beings with the capability of knowledge by means of reason and the senses. Islam gives a very big importance to people and they believe that they give people important.

20 04 2014

Pages 257-263 continues to give the readers what the Islamic religion is about. When Allah created human beings and placed them above the angels in heaven, the angels were offended. However, when the angels failed to label all things on earth after creation, they bowed down to Adam who completed the task that the angels weren’t able to do. Human beings are above the angles and devils. They have a responsibility to live up to God’s standards. Unlike Christianity, Adam did not remain a fallen creature, and humankind did not inherit “original sin’. Everyone in this world is born a Muslim; however, everyone has a choice of keeping their Muslim faith or not.

21 04 2014

there is no GOD but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of God this is more confusing and defensive to other believes who don` t believe in Allah. basically Allah means GOD in arabic word and it is the fundamental reality of islamic version. the Islam people believe that ALLAH is the only GOD who has more power to all creation. the believe human beings are created with abilities that other creatures don t have .
Islams think or believe that death is time where you choose one side paradise or hell. They believe that they have been given the rank as the second-highest being in the universe. which makes them may be super human in this wold.. other deference between christian and Islam people, in christian dont judge people only GOD can judge you by himself but islam judge people.

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