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5 02 2014

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5 02 2014

Existentialism can be divided into two parts: Atheistic existentialism and Theistic existentialism. Both Atheistic existentialism and Theistic existentialism became culturally significant after World War I.
Atheistic existentialists believe that matter exists eternally, God does not exist, Death is extinction of personality… like all the naturalists. It shows that atheistic existentialism has a great relationship on naturalism except those about human nature and our relationship to the cosmos.
1 Atheistic existentialists think that the cosmos is composed solely of matter, but to human beings reality appears in two forms– subjective and objective. Object world is world of material, of inexorable law, of cause and effect…People do observation, recording, hypothesizing, checking and proving guesses about the lay of the cosmos we live in. Subjective world is the world of mind, of consciousness.Time has no meaning to the subject because it is always present to itselt, never past, never future.Naturalism views the objective world is the real world and the subjective is its shadow.
2 Also, Atheistic existentialists thinks Human beings are comples “machines”,personality is an interrelation of chemical and physical. People make themselves who they are. This is as the same view as the Naturalism’s basic view of human nature.
The objective world is a world of essences, everything comes bearing its nature.The subject world is at the beck and call of people.
3 Each person is totally free as regards his or her nature and destiny. we create our own balue by affirming worth. Valur is inner and the inner is each person’s own.
4 The highly wrought and tightly organized objective world stands over against human beings and appears absurd. We need to recognize everything in this world. The hardest thing for us to understand is death. When we die, each of us is an object.We need to live with love, and accept our end with death towards nonexistence.

5 02 2014

Existentialism transcends nihilism and gives meaning to this world. It can be divided into to forms: atheistic existentialism and theistic existentialism. Both of them derive from different worldviews. Athesitic existentialism derives from naturalism. Thestic existentialism derives from theism. Athesitic existentialism took root after all the despair events happened such as WWI, Dust Bowl and Great Depression. So this worldview shaped like naturalism on human nature and the relationship with cosmos. Existentialsim argues that people live in two different worlds. One is physical world, which is the real world. But the physic world is not present but the subjective world is. The other is mental world, which is a world that we create in our mind based on real world. Those two can be defined as objective and subjective world. Obviously, Existentialism focus on the latter. Athesitic existentialism states that humans are free from destiny. Athesitic existentialism also says that humans are not humans until they make themselves so. But if humans are not humans at first, then how and what makes human has self-consciousness to let themselves become a human?

6 02 2014

“But if humans are not humans at first, then how and what makes human have self-consciousness to let themselves become a human?”

I agree with your question…

5 02 2014

This part of the book starts by saying that atheistic existentialism have to first agree with the naturalism answer of the 7 worldview questions, which means that they believe that matter is the prime reality, God does not exist, after death there is extinction and history is linear. they then explains how they view their worldview questions, they believe that human beings reality is either subjective or objective, people are machines composed with chemicals that forms a very complex body, every person is free,every person must revolt against things he disagree with and the core commitment of every person is to himself.

5 02 2014

Existentialism is not a full-fledged worldview, therefore it takes on two basic forms; atheistic existentialism and theistic existentialism. And atheistic existentialism begins by affirming all the propositions of naturalism except those related to human nature and our relationship to the cosmos. Existentialism is interested mostly in humanity and how we can be significant in an otherwise insignificant world. Next, the cosmos is composed solely of matter, but to human beings reality appears in two forms – subjective and objective.

5 02 2014

In summary Existentialism is an extension of either Naturalism or Theism. Existentialism is not a full worldview on its own, it uses ideas from other full worldviews to support its own. But Existentialism is the answer to Nihilism. Existentialism can be of two forms, either objective or subjective. The objective view is of things that are tangible such a materialistic items and items of this world, this earth. We are on our own and it is up to us to decide what to believe in, how we came about and if there is a God are not. Furthermore the objective side used logic and science to decipher things that are going on around them. On the other hand there is the subjective side in which is with the mind. It talks of consciousness and the spiritual world around us and is the explanation for what is going on. Personally I feel like I would like to get to know what Existentialism is more about before I make any judgment on it. So far it sounds pretty okay to me.

5 02 2014

Chapter 6 talks about existenliasm . Basically existentialism is to transcend nihilism . Existentialism is not a completely develop worldview, it takes on two basic forms: aethistic existentialism and theistic existentialism. Aethistic follows the rule of naturalism so it’s not fully develop until 20th century. In the form of seven basic question , aethestic believes that god does not exist. The cosmos is a uniformity of cause and effects in closed system. Human being are complex machine and history is just linear stream of evens but without any purpose . But it’s also different form naturalism, human appears in 2 forms: body and soul

6 02 2014

missed several key points – read carefully.

6 02 2014

Existentialism became a significant worldview in the 1950s. It did not only take nihilism seriously, but transcend it. Existentialism has two basic forms: atheistic existentialism (parasite on naturalism) and theistic existentialism (parasite on naturalism).
Atheistic existentialism begins by accepting naturalism answers to worldview questions 1,4,5,6 and 7. That means: Matter exists alone in the universe and is eternal. God does not exist. Death is the end of a person. It is the extinction of personality and individuality. We can fully understand the universe through our reasoning and science. The cosmos is in its normal state. Ethics is related only to human. History is a series of event linked by cause and effect. Now, let look at other world view questions.
-World view question 2: The cosmos is composed solely of matter, but to human beings reality appears in two forms-subjective and objective.
The objective is the world of matter, the cause and effect, the machinery of the universe. They are doing their things unconsciously. The subjective is the world of the mind, of awareness, of thoughts, of knowledge. Naturalism emphasizes the unity of the two worlds. Existentialism emphasizes the disunity of the two worlds and strongly in favor the subjective world. Science can penetrate the objective world but not subjective.
– World view question 3: Human beings are complex “machines”; personality is an interrelation of chemical and physical properties we do not yet fully understand. For human beings alone existence precedes essence; people make themselves who they are.
Human thoughts and actions define who they are, not the matter.
– World view question 3, continued: Each person is totally free as regards his or her nature and destiny.
We are free within our universe. We think, imagine, and act freely with no bound to the objective world.
-World view question 2, 3 and 4: The highly wrought and tightly objective world stands over against human beings and appears.
To our subjective world, the objective world is absurd that does not fit us. We need to learn how the objective world works and accept the facts. When human die, we become objects among other objects. Our existence ends.
– World view question 5: In full recognition of and against the absurdity of the objective world, the authentic person must revolt and create value.
By living subjectively while recognizing the objective world, we create value. That makes our existence authentic.

6 02 2014

existentialists believe that understanding who we are as human beings is the key to understanding the world.existentialism begins by accepting naturalism answer to worldview questions 1,4,5,6,and7 in short: “matter exist eternally;god does not exist. Death is extinction of personality and individuality.through our innate and autonomous human reason,including the methods of science,we can know the universe ..”Most existentialists believe in free will and human freedom and that we create our own reality. in this world with the life we have been given by the choices we make.

6 02 2014

Existentialism is to transcend nihilism. There are two types of existentialism. The first one is Basic Atheistic Existentialism. BAE states that God does not exist, just like the naturalist. Most of the beliefs of Basic Atheistic Existentialism supports the same beliefs as naturalism. Their main interest is how we exist and interact as humans. They want to know how we can be significant in a world that has no significance. Existentialists believe that the world consists of only matter. There are two types of this – subjective and objective. They also believe that the human is at it’s simplest form, people are who they are. Sartre said, “If God does not exist, there is at least one being in whom existence precedes essence, a being who exists before he can be defined by any concept, and… this being is man.”.

6 02 2014

Page 116 begins by introducing Existentialism. The author states that the essence of existentialism’s main goal is put together in one phrase: “to transcend nihilism.” There are two types of existentialism: atheistic existentialism (a parasite on naturalism) and theistic existentialism (a parasite on theism). The book first explains the basic atheistic existentialism. Atheistic existentialism accepts majority of the ideas of naturalism except for those that relating to human nature and our relationship to the cosmos. Theistic and atheistic existentialism mainly focuses on humanity and how human beings can be effective in an “otherwise insignificant world.”

6 02 2014

Existentialism is not a full worldview like theism or others.There is two types of existentialism there is Atheistic existentialism which basically has the same propositions as naturalism except those who connect us to the cosmos.

Atheistic existentialism says that before everything was the man and then that he appeared on scene and then that he revealed himself after. Everyone gets to choose their destiny
Existentialism is has freedom due to choosing your path due to your action but most important concept is that the personal is valuable.

6 02 2014

Existentialists core commitment is to transcend nihilism. Existentialism has an answer to nihilisms unanswered questions. Atheistic existentialism is a growth of naturalism while theistic existentialism is a growth on theism. AE was formed in the twentieth century while TE was formed in the ninteethn century but both only became popular until after world war 1. Sartre and Camus are famous existentialists. They used to be best friends but then had a falling out due to their different existential beliefs. To a basic atheistic extentialist, matter exists eternally, there is no god, death is our extinction, we can know the universe through science, ethics is only for human beings, and history is linear (just like naturalism). To contradict naturalism though atheistic existentialists believe that the universe is only matter but human beings exist in two forms objective and subjective. The objective world is the material world or cause and effect and law and order. The subjective world is that of the mind, awareness, consciousness, and stability. It is constant.

6 02 2014

In existentialism the matter exists eternally although God doesn’t exist.
They think they can know the universe, the cosmos including world can be understood in its normal state.
In existentialism there are two forms which is subjective and objective. In thief religion every person or each person is totally free because of his or her nature and destiny, the authentic person, in existentialism must revolt and create value.
Atheistic existentialism is developed to solve the problem if a naturalism that has led to nihilism.

6 02 2014

Existentialism is from nihilism and the atheistic view of existentialists say that God doesnt exist, their world views seem like those of naturalists like god doesnt exist, death is extinction of personality and individuality. The cosmos is composed by subjective and objective forms of human beings. Human beings are complex machines. And each person is totally free and that through science we can know things.humans can make themselves have values. Finally atheistic existentialism is a bit like naturalism and they come from nihilsm.

6 02 2014

It’s basically says how everything is by chance. it mostly leans toward the idea of evolution because it shows how everything is by chance and how all of us humans are here for no reason and if anything happens it’s never plans. It’s basically showing how nothing has any worth. in my opinion this idea is absurd because its not giving any value to anything and there is no belief that there is a greater power or supernatural force that’s above us. I think this belief is even way more extreme than naturalism or nihilism.

6 02 2014

read a little closer – you have missed several points.

6 02 2014

From what we read in the book Existentialism is not a complete worldview. It can either be Atheistic Existentialism or Theistic Existentialism. But either way Existentialism is the answer to Nihilism. It can be seen in two ways, one objective which focuses on the science and logic of it all, of the world. Why we are here, how we function. our morals, and what we decide to believe in. Secondly it can be seen as subjective. From the subjective view is seeing from the spiritual side and from the mind. The subjective side is more like New Age where everything is with thoughts and the power from within.

6 02 2014

This chapter mainly talked about existentialism. On the book, every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness and dies by chance. This sentence points out the defention of existentialism. The main idea of existentialism is that everything at present is the truth. This is another understanding which beyond nihilism. Also, a worldview that ignores this fact has little chance of proving relevant to modern thinking people. Their thinking usually follows the step of modern society which represents existentialism deeply. In other words, atheistic existentialism affirms most of the propositions of naturalism except those relating to human nature and our relationship to the cosmos. Indeed, existentialism’s major interest is in our humanity and how we can be significant in an otherwise insignificant world. So far, it is my understanding of existentialism.

6 02 2014

the existentialism can be two parts, the atheistic existentialism and theistic existentialism, they are still smilar with nihilists, they think that god doesn’t exist, they believe in science and they think god is just a theroy of human inmagenation. they were developed to deal with the human problem

6 02 2014

Existentialism is a philosophy that stresses the importance of human experience,and says that everyone is responsible for the results of their own action.Existentialism asserts that people actually make decisions based on subjective meaning rather than pure rationality.Although nihilism and existentialism are distinct philosophies, they are often confused with one another.we should know what the different between the nihilism and existentialism.A central proposition of Existentialism is that existence precedes essence.human beings, through their own consciousness , create their own values and determine a meaning to their life.i thank it is existentialism meaning.

6 02 2014

Nihilism is being continued by Existentialism, but it doesn’t have answers for the Nihilist’s questions. Atheistic Existentialism and theistic existentialism are the two tupe of the existentialism. AE started in the 20th century, and TE started in the 19th century, but people got to know about it only after the WWI.
There were two guys,Sartre and Camus, who were friends and both believed in existentialism, but their friendship fell apart because theor beliefs differed.
AE believes that the cosmos is composed of matter, but appears to human beings in two forms – subjective and objective.
In Existentialist’s worldview there is no God and to understand the world we need to understand ourselves.

7 02 2014

Existentialism is no exception. The first sort of being is the objective world-the world-the world of material,of inexorable law, of cause and effect , of chronological, clock-ticking time ,of flux, of mechanism. The second sort of being is the subjective world-the world of mind ,of consciousness, of awareness, of freedom, of stability. Naturalism had emphasize the unity of the two worlds by seeing the objective world as the real and the subjective as its shadow. Atheistic existentialism is at one with naturalism’s basic view of human nature;there is indeed no genuinely ranscendent element in human beings , but they do display one important unique feature. Each of us is uncoerced,radically capable of doing anything imaginable with our subjectivity. The objective world considered in and of itself Is as the naturalist has said : a world of order and law , perhaps triggered into new structures by chance. It is the world of thereness. Here is how an existentialist goes beyond nihilism. Nothing is of value in the objective world in which we become conscious , but while we are conscious we create value.

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